i should've noticed

Life 2007. 11. 19. 12:59
that something was going wrong when i dropped my cup at my locker last night.

what the hell was it in the morning?

i got a voice mail from a stranger on the way to school, whom i supposed to be a mailman, saying mumbles, and when i finally talked to him after failing twice, he said he put my parcel in the post storage, located right beside the post office in the school.
thought i gotta pick it up on the way to starbucks, for i had no appetite because of what happened in the morning, and waited until 12, wondering if bobdol would call me to have lunch together, and now that he didn't, i set off to the post storage, where no one was there 'cause it was their lunch time from 12 to 1, while i expected there should be at least one person 'cause it's kinda post office too, but teller at the post office told me it's not a part of the post office but a part of school facility, so i went to get my coffee for lunch, frustrated, 'cause i was supposed to be somewhere else from 1.
and once again, a rookie at the store misunderstood my order; usually they offer upgraded size rather than discount but when i ordered tall size, meaning upgrade to grande, she gave me the exact tall i told her with 50 cent discount; for several seconds i wondered if this cup i was holding was grande at all, and after looking in the receipt, i managed to find out the discount and asked the manager if their policy had been changed, which was not changed in the first place of course, and i had to cancel the previous order and make a new one, which tasted not so good despite extra caramel i requested.

now lunch time's almost over and i gotta go back to the post storage or whatsoever to get my jay-chou-autographed cd. i'm afraid what's coming up next.
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