said Comet, upon seeing Grouch.

Kenseyi helped her. "I've been thinking about that but I didn't tell him in person - and you burst it out right away!"
None of you would be surprised to see Grouch getting shocked, I guess.

Grouch in horror asked Brother Pursky and Negevas if he appeared to gain some weight on his face for real. And of course, their replies from his stupid question was "I'm not quite sure." Also, Forest had discouraged him with saying "that's the worst situation" whenever Grouch worried about gaining weight on the stomach while his total weight was staying still. Grouch wondered why on earth he seemed to have that face when he thought recently he was not eating that much.

On that night Grouch found Comet and Kenseyi were brilliantly right; he actually gained weight by 1kg!

Comet answered: 1kg? Are you kidding? Just skip one meal and you'll get back.