It's been a kinda

Life 2006. 12. 22. 04:03
long day. LOL

the address howard gave me to send his parcel was wrong, which made me contact his (and her) fella; well, my intension was just to contact her but on second thought i was not quite sure why the hell i thought of the very fella first, well, at any rate, i just needed to contact her but the fella was like 'let me handle it' and ev'rything settled down; what made me upset (the fact i got upset is the very funny point here in the first place) was, first, well, the fella was like i'll make it straight so you just back up (oh, yeap i'm repeating it) and second, the parcel had to be a surprise for her but you don't get surprised anymore when you're told by your fella that you're to receive a parcel so i need your accurate address for it.
well, in short, i wanted it to be done by myself 'cause i was the one who was asked to do that, and, well, frankly, i'm afraid if, well, now that we don't know who's the idiot between the two of us - howard might have given me a wrong address or i might have written a wrong address - well, even though howard is the one who has committed the fault, right now it seems i haven't done it neatly and that's what i'm concerned.
(yes, i'm type a and i'm timid.)

finally i drove to ipark mall to have the computer fixed. the brand new computer was kinda noisy because of the cpu cooling fan spinning too speedy, and hdd was also roaring when accessing data. i had to bring the computer to the store to have it examined but this time it was not 5 min from home and i was burning for the final exams so i had to wait till ev'rything was over. from time to time i thought carrying the com back and forth was kinda bothersome so i just gotta use it ignoring the noise but all the other computers are working well with silence and there was no reason for me to endure the roar of the cooling fan.
well, actually, the cpu fan is normal and i'm kinda sensitive to noise. so i asked if they can replace the cpu with less effective and get me a designated cooler. at first the clerk showed some kinda difficulty but the manager i talked to on the phone was very enthusiastic about dealing with my problem; he knew the importance of customer satisfaction. he couldn't get a cooler for it was too late but he managed to get a resistance to reduce the speed of the fan, including considerate explanation. i bought a speaker and the clerk brought the computer and the speaker to the parking lot! yes, they knew crm! lol i was quite satisfied.
and then i watched happy feet imax.

+ 아, 용산 가는데 평소에 무슨 운전을 저따위로 하냐며 손가락질 해대던 짓을 내가 고대로 ㅡㅡ;;; 하는 것이었따;;; (하지만 절대 고의는 아니었어요. 제가 차선 타는 게 아직 서툴러서 그래요 ㅡㅡㅋ) 그래도 밤중에 엄훠 나 언제부터 이렇게 대담하게 끼어들기 잘 하고 이랬던 거삼 ㅋㅋ 하며 혼자 놀라하고 ㅋ
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