Falling Slowly

Life 2009. 2. 2. 21:16

Glen Hansard(left) and Markéta Irglová at the 80th Academy Awards after winning Best Original Song with "Falling Slowly."

I was not attracted to this soundtrack, or the song, Falling Slowly, when I first heard it at iTunes store. I was well aware that this incredibly low-budget music film and its soundrack were quite huge hits even in Korea (just like the same music-based film Secret, directed and starred by Jay Chou), but with an indescribible reason I didn't come across with feeling like watching the movie, until I asked Forest to share the movie and soundtrack last week. THEN finally I watched the movie Once (I'd like to emphasize that I did NOT illegally enjoyed the movie; I borrowed DVD at the school library) and no later than 15 minutes I realized the song sounded kinda brilliant in the movie. It was wrong to judge a song at the first sight; but nowadays you do, especially at iTunes store where you pre-hear it only for half a minute unless you pay and download the file.

The first impression of the movie for the first 10 minutes was; well, so, this is Irish English??? Cummon, maan! How can you understand them talking when you even can't even make sure you're listening to English at all? (This was because I turned on commentary subscript on the monitor, (well, not on a screen, for there are only 4 PDP TV at the school library and they're not available if you don't make a reservation on the previous day, so all you can look at for 3 hours to watch a movie is a simple plain LCD monitor, and for what is worse, usually you can't set up the right resolution for DVD, which was the case I had to face this afternoon) so I was wholy depedent on my ears to comprehend what was going on in the movie.) Well, at least I was kinda relieved when I found out the girl was an immigrant from Czech; it was natural her Irish English was far from my catching! LOL

한 줄 요약 : 원스 사운드트랙 노래 좋네. ㅎㅎㅎ (아일랜드 억양은 어쩌고?)
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  1. BlogIcon 여담 2009.02.03 09:10      

    영어 공부 어떻게 해요

    • BlogIcon 궁시렁 2009.02.03 12:27      

      앨버타 주민 분이 저한테 이러시면 안 됩니다. ㅎㅎㅎ

  2. BlogIcon Odlinuf 2009.02.03 12:42      

    처음엔 영문 기사를 가져왔나하고 지나쳤는데 가만 보니 헉쓰야...

  3. BlogIcon Krang 2009.02.03 19:23      

    어려워요 해석해주세요 ㅠㅠ

    • BlogIcon 궁시렁 2009.02.03 20:50      

      한 줄 요약으로 어떻게 안 될까요;;;

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