Life 2007. 6. 8. 02:50
have i been through this before, did you ask...?

it was the worst block i ever had.

... and got detected. by chance.

what would have happened if forest caught me by the sleeves, saying how come you're out of your mind?

well, and you know what? i can't stop thinkin' it won't be like before.
his face was not as usual. maybe i could never see it again.

hope i'm wrong 'bout that.
  1. BlogIcon 여담 2008.09.11 14:04      

    이건마치 이해할수없는 내용입니다. 원래 이런 글에는 댓글을 달지 않아야 하지만 어쩔수없이 달겠어요.. ㅠㅠ

  2. BlogIcon 쿠나 2008.09.11 18:38      

    음. 무슨 일이 있었던 건가요 -_-;

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